My Problem With Instagram

Instagram. It is our chance to show the world who we are and what kind of life we are living.

We are constantly looking at other peoples feeds,  and comparing ourselves to them.

From the time I wake up, I pick up my phone and look to Instagram and see these posts from these models, actresses, singers, YouTubers, and whoever else I may follow. Every single person having a "flawless" photo.

It is the first and last place I look. And the first and last thought that runs in my head from the start of my day, to the finish.
Why can I not be as skinny as her?
Why can I not be that pretty?
Why can I not be as happy?

You hear it and see it everywhere, don't compare yourself to others.

As nice as that is to say, it is not always possible. Sometimes, you just cannot help it. You try and figure out what filter they used, where they got their outfit, how did they do their makeup. Spending so much time, money and energy just so you can be and look just like them.

Even if I figure out what filter is used, FaceTune my picture to perfection, wear the right outfit and have the 'fleekest' makeup. I am still not confident and find myself constantly comparing myself to these other girls.

I think and feel that if I look perfect then I will have more friends, I will have the perfect boyfriend, and gain more followers.

In the harsh reality, it doesn't attribute to any of those things. It doesn't make me feel any different about myself.

The thing is, you are the hardest on yourself. I personally look in the mirror and can find a million and one things that I wish was different.
But, I can go walk outside and see people and can find a million and one things about them that are beautiful.

Why can't I see myself as beautiful?

Learning to work on yourself and finding what makes you beautiful is challenging, but not impossible.

You are a living human being, which is beautiful. You have a family and friends who love and will do anything for you. No matter what. That is beautiful.

I challenge myself, and whoever is reading this to when they wake up in the morning and before you fall asleep. Say one thing that you find beautiful about yourself.

It can be that you did something kind to someone that day, or if you are really feeling your hair.


Because believing you are beautiful is more important than any amount of likes on Instagram.

And that is something definitely worth double tapping.
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