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Let's get personal, shall we?

Recently, I have had the opportunity to change my life around. While this opportunity completely was masked by negativity, doubt and even questions what type of future I will have. I am going to take it as something positive, that was meant to happen.

When life gives you them lemons, make lemon water.

While, I am still trying to figure everything out and I am under a ton of stress, working full time, and supporting myself. I am been lacking in the heath department a tad bit. (Not to complain)

I am going to take this blog on my lovely little journey, so welcome!

I am going to be trying simple heath food recipes, because hello student budget. Also, going through my exercise for the day or any cool classes worth checking out.

So, let's do this!!



Food From The 6ix // saving grace

Brunches in Toronto never disappoint. 
There is a long list of amazing hidden gems just waiting for you to sink your teeth in. 


6 fest // not featuring drake

I would say that this music festival has it's fair share of mix reviews, and the fact that the 6 god himself did not show certainly didn't help them out in anyway.