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Food From The 6ix // saving grace

Brunches in Toronto never disappoint. 
There is a long list of amazing hidden gems just waiting for you to sink your teeth in. 


6 fest // not featuring drake

I would say that this music festival has it's fair share of mix reviews, and the fact that the 6 god himself did not show certainly didn't help them out in anyway.


sneaker obsession

Over the past few months I have been noting that sneakers are e v e r y w h e r e. 
Even Kendall Jenner worked them with an evening gown the other day, although is there anything that girl cannot slay??

  Question: Am I mad about this trend? Hell no. 

To be honest I am fairly resistant to new trends. Why? I'll never know. 
This one took some warming up to. 

I have been rocking my classic white converse that every single girl in the world owns for a few years now. Lately I have been wanting to step out of my comfort zone (haha, get it? STEP out of...yeah, this is why I have no friends)

Maybe it's the fact that I see everyone rocking these really cool shoes, my Pinterest is covered in it or my character from the Kendall & Kylie app looks really cool and I want to be her a little bit. Whatever the reason, I am stoked to expand my shoe collection and create a ton of amazing outfits.