Everything Instagram

Instagram themes are very popular, and achieving one can be a bit of a struggle. But with some tips and the right kind of photos it is super simple!

Find Some Inspiration
This is key in figuring out what kind of Instagram you want. You can get ideas of what kind of photos to post, what their colour scheme is and a lot more. 
Plus you can follow/like/comment on the people that follow them and they may follow your Instagram back because they most likely like that Instagram's vibe. 
My Instagram inspiration comes from @laurenelizabeth, @kkeeaattoonn, and @hallekeeth.

Find a filter and stick with it.
Using the same filter on your Instagram can be a crazy easy way to create a theme. Everything you post will have something in common with the post you previously put up. 
For my photos, I like to use the app VSCO (along with everyone on Instagram). I either use the filter HB2 (most often) or HB1. 

I edit even my non-selfie photos. My theme is very bright and sharp. If I have a photo that isn't sharp enough I will put up the contrast. Or, if it is too dark adjust the brightness. 
Facetune is also a LIFESAVER. 'Cause we can't all be Kendall Jenner, as much as we wish. I will use this app to get rid of under eye circles to make it seem like I am indeed sleeping. Also, because my theme is bright, I use the whitening tool and whiten anything white. 

If you are interested in checking my Instagram out my username is @kaylalyford
Comment on one of my photos that you came from here and I will follow you back!! 


3 comments on "Everything Instagram"
  1. wow i just found your blog from the comment you posted on aspyn's blog post and omg i'm so glad i clicked on your link!! i'm instantly in love. Maybe because we have the same style and/or interests!
    i'm really into editing my own Instagram pictures to have my own "theme" lol.
    But over all i'm just in love with the simplicity and cuteness of your blog <3
    i already subscribed!
    i just started my own blog, maybe you can check it out? :D

    1. Aww, you're so sweet!! Thanks so much!! <3 I checked out your blog, it's so cute!! Can't wait to read more!! :)

    2. aww thank you so much!! <3 i tried to reply to your comment on my blog but it didn't give me the option to reply :/ i'm still pretty new at this so i couldn't find another way to reply back lol.