a kaleidoscope of memories

So, about a million and one things happened this year... 

I've met a lot of new people and built friendships to last forever. I have also said a few goodbyes and had my heart broken. 
I have moved cities, and now live completely on my own. I have learned that people really do appreciate the small things and it doesn't take much to make someones day bright. 
I have sat in classrooms, wide eyed and ready to learn. I have learned about philosophers such as Plato and took away his views on the world to help shape my own.
Most of all, I have learned how important it is to live in each moment. Which is something you can't learn from a textbook. It's something you have to experience on your own. 
 It's moments like the way he looks at you as you're talking about something stupid, or laughing your head off in the middle of the night while playing at a park with your best friend. To blasting music and running in the rain, to spinning in a football field with the sprinklers going off. Gripping your friends hand so tightly on an amusement park ride because you think you are going to die, to seeing your best friend get married. Seeing someone you admire doing what they love (*cough* taylor swift *cough*), to rolling down a sandy hill like your six years old again.
Being there, seeing it all play out right in front of you. These little moments. You don't think it means anything or it will have an effect on you but, it's everything. 
I miss everything that happened this pass year, and wish I could go back and relive it all. I am pretty lucky that this year had more smiles than tears. Although I can't go back, I truly appreciate everything this world has to offer and honestly am so excited to see what 2016 brings. Cause it has some high expectations to live up to.

Happy New Year


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