wake up and smell the inspiration

Inspiration can be found in a million different places. It can be in a place you visit, something you read, a stranger on the subway, a lyric of a song. Inspiration, wherever it is found is what makes us, us. It shapes us into the type of grownup we become, how we act towards others, and how we view the world. It can be the difference between someone that has a spark to them, and someone that is nothing but a broken match. 

With the new year quickly approaching I wanted to share who Inspires me. 
& maybe they can inspire you as well...

allie marie evans

I think she inspires me the most. If you are not familiar with her, she is a youtuber and makes the most amazing short films. I have watched her for a very long time and find her very relatable. Moving out I saw how she is so independent and in a funny way, it helped me believe in myself and inspire me to be the same. 
I also find her views on life and the way she writes equally inspiring. Carefree independence.

shannon barker

I find inspiration from Shannon's vibe, fitness, and also her outlook on life. Like Allie, I found Shannon through youtube. She is happy, carefree and honestly that's all I want to be. 
Her fitness routine and foods she eat also inspires me to be a healthier person.

siena mirabella

Siena is also a youtuber. I find that our personalities are quite similar. We're both funny, and don't take life too seriously. I find that she inspires to read more and want to learn. I have found amazing books through her and rediscovered a love of reading. 


This is the most important person to draw inspiration from. You go through a lot of different experiences. Good and bad. Everything that happens to you, shapes you. You need to look at yourself and be proud of who you are. Basically, be your own number one fan. You never know who you may be inspiring.

who inspires you?


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1 comment on "wake up and smell the inspiration "
  1. Wonderful post on inspiration. That quote is really moving. I also really admire allie marie evans. I like how she chases her dreams and follows her heart, doing things that are different that makes her happy and unique. So glad to finally meet someone who likes her as well!
    I like what you said about being our own inspiration. That's a really good thing to remember and live by.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~