St.Claire W to Downsview

Having headphones in and listening to the lyrics, the beat of your favourite music as you pass through hundreds of strangers. You're in a place filled with people but alone. You become in sync with yourself, your thoughts.

It's funny, whatever song I am blasting in my ears at that time fits my life so perfectly. But, I guess that is the magic of it all. One song can make a person cry, can make another smile. 

Whenever I listen to music I get a flood of memories. Good, bad, laughter, heartbreak. Thoughts that are as tangled as my hair and as complicated as my calculus homework. 

I find having that time of being nostalgic is needed. Memories, like crying on an amusement park ride with my friends, or dancing in the car. Or the last time I spent with the person I truly cared about. It is a montage of moments, that will never happen again...and that's okay. 

Sometimes, it makes me miss what my life was a few years ago, even 3 months ago. But also gives me the realization of how fast my life is moving. 

I have a lot to learn, and a lot more mistakes to make. I guess it's all apart of finding yourself. 

So smile, the worst is yet to come

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